Not all hosts are created equal!

When hosting with the nonprofit Microsoft Azure Donation is not an option our recommendation is SiteGround!

SiteGround servers are very affordable (at the time of this article) about $60 annually. Included with that is the ability to use a Free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt. Many other hosts do not allow this type of SSL and sell you a SSL. SSL allows a site to load securely on HTTP/2, now a secure site on its own is not faster than a non-secure site however HTTP/2 is faster.

Additionally SiteGround has additional caching options and seamlessly works with the CloudFlare CDN.

A fast site is getting to be more and more important in today’s day and age. As more internet browsing is done via mobile phones and small tablets visitors demand faster sites. As a whole are no longer willing to wait for a site or page to load, we will simply browse elsewhere.

  • Improved security

  • Enhanced performance

  • Automated Backups

  • Excellent Tech Support

  • Entirely cloud based

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